Thursday, May 9, 2013

I miss you...

Somewhere along the line my faithful friend, my computer, contracted a virus and it affects my internet. It all started on Saturday (last weekend) and I am still working daily to find the best and cheapest solution to my problem! With that being said, I am having HUGE Blog, Facebook and Pintrest withdrawals! I mean, I can hardly sleep at night, I miss it so!
I have a million blogs going on in my head right now BUT I am not able to post like normal due to the lack of a keyboard to type and internet use! Please be patient with me and pray for my computer! Unfortunately, there's not an oil that can fix this one... :(
As some of you have seen on Facebook, I am teaching an Essential Oils Wellness Class in my home next Saturday (May 18th) at 2pm! If you have thought about using alternative meds, and especially essential oils, for even a second, you HAVE to make it to my house next Saturday! We are going to have an amazing time learning, chatting and getting free stuff! :) This will also give you a chance to talk about those health issues you have been battling (or a family member has been battling) and find a solution and a HOPE!
Until next time, my friends... and hopefully that will be soon!!!
God bless you!

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